About Us

Long Walk Farm is owned by Tiffiny Clifton and Matt Johnson.  Matt grew up familiar with agriculture in small-town Nebraska and knew he was interested in farming, but spent years living in the city and working in IT before a too-good-to-pass-up opportunity opened up with a few acres just east of Council Bluffs.  Tiffiny grew up on a farm south of Omaha and would regularly help the neighboring farmer with chores.  In the middle of the pandemic in 2020, Matt and Tiffiny bought a small farm and started to bring their dreams to fruition.

While we do not have formal training or education in agriculture or food production, we have learned a lot from reading, watching videos, attending conferences, networking with other farmers, and a few years of experience.

In just 3 years, we have scaled up to having an additional full-time employee, 3 part-time employees, and a few more during the peak summer season.